On the Synchronicity Proclaimed By Q

May 29, 2020

There are those who follow Q and claim the “future proves past” is a bunch of malarkey.

There are numerologists and followers of Gematria who claim certain events were planned for certain dates as part of some “grand conspiracy”.

A lot of people are skeptical of such things going on.

They cannot fathom the bad guys following such a rigid timetable nor can they fathom Trump and Q releasing what they do on such a rigorous schedule.

Actually, neither of these groups are doing any such thing.

That is the beauty of universal synchronicity: it is already built into the structure of the universe. One can trick things around on occasion and try and subvert the timing but for the most part people just react when and as they do.

The timing and such is already preset in the universe itself. They do not have to arrange-to-react-when because it comes very natural to react when and as they do BECAUSE of the synchronistic principle.

Just as astrology utilizes the cosmic cycles to predict influences affecting our world, the numerologists can spot the same tendencies. When things occur that match the frequencies, it does not mean necessarily that it had been planned for such a potentially auspicious moment.

Some things just naturally occur in such sequences.

If such were not the case, how could there even be a science to study such a phenomenon?

What Next?

March 19, 2020

Once the Trump and Q movement finishes removing the threads of power that the “Cabal” has around the world, many people will think the world will forever remain free.

If only!

Just as we have seen in the Marvel Universe, Hydra never completely dies – some few keep it going and will resurface at a later date. Evil does not die. Why? Some people are just that way, I suppose.

Why do I reference a comic book plane of existence?

Like Night Shyamalan said in his film “Unbreakable”, comics have always been an ancient method of passing truth to the next generation. Far fetched? Perhaps, but how else can you imagine such can be transmitted – scholarly books are all too often rounded up and burned as well as educational systems being suborned.

So, we can expect the evil to continue and on some future day it will begin to spread again. No matter how diligently the good guys monitor such things, it will find a way to grow in whatever dark places exist.

And it will, eventually, come back into the places of power.

They are, like Thanos himself claimed: inevitable.

Still, there will be in the background, a group that has continued since the beginning of time… the Wains. (probably not their real name – if they use one – but the name I have given them)

A society of people so secret that it does not, in essence, actually exist.

But these people will always be there, keeping the light alive, even in the dark days sure to come.

Just as they have in the present instance.


December 14, 2019

Humans are basically ignorant.

Before anyone gets upset, I am most definitely not saying people are stupid.

Ignorance merely means not knowing something.

Most people utilize electrical devices in their everyday lives and yet very few could tell you where the electricity comes from, what it does, or even what it really is.

They mostly know that the power company has a boatload of electricity that they sell for us to use. Beyond that, it all gets fairly gray to most people.

That is ignorance.

There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about being ignorant. We all are ignorant about something; some are ignorant of a great many things. No one – at least to the best of my ignorance in the matter – knows everything.

Nor should anyone feel they have to know everything.

There is an implicit trust we have with our fellow beings that things created by others for our use – like electricity – is essentially good for us. We trust that we are treated with fairly and safely.

The problem arises when we willfully choose to be ignorant.

To see problems surrounding us and to pointedly ignore that the data being presented us seems slightly off the mark – somewhat not true dead north – yet we ignore the compass heading and press forward in any event.

Can one then be truly amazed that the destination reached looks in no regard like that which was anticipated?

One cannot have war to ensure safety – a better offense can never be the best defense, regardless of the prognostications of the pundits, or the warmongers.

In “Game of Thrones”, the dragon queen reveled in liberating the people of Kings Landing… by killing them. Yes, the best security is having nothing that needs securing. War can most certainly accomplish this.

In America’s system of government, years upon years of failed government programs litter the landscape and yet the populace clamors for any candidate who promises to “clean up the mess”. The mess created by an ignorant electorate continuing to put into power members of the two major political parties – to the exclusion of all others – to clean up the mess created by other former persons of those same two parties getting elected on the promise of cleaning up the mess.

Perpetuating such a system IS ignorance.

Blaming the white supremacists – a group that includes somewhat less than one percent of the population – for the ills shows a complete ignorance of how democratic systems work. Blaming other small groups – immigrants, the gay community, and so forth – is as equally ignorant.

And here’s the kicker: people should be ignorant.

People deserve to live in a civilization where they do not need to study the hows and wherefores of the infrastructure that keeps us moving forward.

People deserve systems that can be trusted to work.

We do not have that today and rather than find out where the problems lie and where might solutions be found, most people are doing nothing more than moaning, wailing, gnashing their teeth and looking for someone to blame.

For some reason, the need and the ability to see what is going on has been lost.

In this data age, with the world being run on information, most people are content to find the answers on Wikipedia or WebMD or some other monocultured milquetoast put into place to control opinions, control movements, control data, and, in essence, to control our lives.

The sublime ease of finding “answers” makes people blind to digging for the right answers.

And that is very human of us.

Most people do not care to understand the workings of economics or market saturation or patent law or most of thousands of other subjects.

People generally want to live their lives, working toward what they love, making a better place for their families, their children, and the future – whether they live in a fancy New York penthouse or in a grass hut in the midst of the Brazilian rainforest.

Human needs are really very simple.

Many feel they cannot do this without a lot of technology – and that’s fine – while others just need their loved ones near.

Ignorance is a good and natural thing.

But when it has become obvious that the world-that-should-be is obviously NOT the-world-that-is one needs to stop being willfully ignorant and start looking for the solution.

It will not be found among the elected officials returning year-after-year to Congress to line their pockets with public gold.

It will not be found in the media organizations whose barely hidden secret agendas have long since led mo one anywhere near the truth.

It is not easy to drop the willful ignorance when it has so cozy-a-comfort been.

Yet the only other choice is that long blithe slide into extermination.

The choice is yours.

How Big?

September 15, 2019

A lot of people say they envision a monstrous BIG conspiracy and then talk about the Deep State in America.

Is that all you got?

Others picture it more international in scope, including all the very wealthy.

Well, okay, but come back when you’ve got more of a clue.

Some people see it as covering the last century… maybe two… three, or four tops.

Yawn. I am unimpressed.

When you can see it for what it really is, you will be astounded. And more than a little frightened.


Because it has been going on longer than you can possibly imagine and included a much larger population than you would think.

And one of them, is you.


July 9, 2019

Truth is pervasive, everything, interconnectedness.

How would you keep someone from discovering this?

First you would make specialization be THE goal.

The gray areas between the disciplines – wherein lies the kernels of truth – are ignored as each specialization picks certain things within its own purview determined to be important (by WHO is anyone’s guess) and the areas to be concentrated on.

What this brings into question is what is being ignored? And WHY?

Discovering truth is really rather simple.

Just uncover how things are interconnected. Don’t try and measure all the parts thereof – as if measuring anything in this regard has any importance whatsoever.

Measurement is good, in its place.

I would not attempt to bake bread without using the correct amounts of ingredients so they should all work together properly.

But why would I even think that applying the same technique of measuring things to any other unrelated activity?

In building anything, measurement is useful. In trying to understand the unknown, it is completely useless.

In this regard, it is a distraction.

And entirely designed precisely with that in mind.

Talking Ourselves into an Apocalypse

June 10, 2019

People take an active role in creation of the world around us.

Mental health gurus have said it for years and the prophets of positivity have proclaimed it. The Law of Attraction is, in many ways, correct.

Just as you can change the world around you with positive thoughts, it can also be changed with negativity.

And I am not just talking about depression, anxiety, and the like. It goes far beyond mental problems – we can actually collectively think ourselves into oblivion.

Throughout the history of the world, there have been people in every generation who have had this pervasive feeling that the end was nigh; most thought it was going to happen to their generation or, at most, the one immediately following.

Why people keep watching for – and, apparently, hoping for – the apocalypse is another can of worms but for now we’ll examine a singular aspect.

Since the latter half of the past century, the feeling of our doom rapidly approaching seems to be gaining momentum.

Christian apologists are certain the “second coming” is at hand and the attendant rapture and tribulation must start soon. Antichrists are seen in practically every shadow.

Conspiracy theorists are claiming the “deep state” is ready to spring its powerful jaws over the world with the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Agenda 21, and other assorted boogeymen.

Survivalism is at an all time high with people actively stockpiling foodstuffs as well as ammunition to get their family safely through the impending doom.

And most people see their government becoming impotent in the face of such dire threats from all angles.

Many see the spread of conspiracy theorists as a good thing; I see it as a mixed blessing.

As a conspiracist, I enjoy seeing what people uncover as far as investigating such events. What I do not like is the fearmongering that accompanies most such blogs and sites.

The plastic body bins that FEMA has accumulated has been reported as a sign of imminent marshal law… since the 1980’s. For almost forty years this has been “imminent”. I have seen it as recently as last week and it is still being called imminent.

So many of the conspiracy sites I have seen are reporting that the battle is essentially over and there’s nothing to be done.

In response, fear-driven, people are either shutting down, getting depressed, or going all survivalist. So, in effect, they are all creating the apocalypse.

The conspiracy doesn’t have to do anything to bring about the end of civilization. The rampant fear alone is doing all the heavy lifting for them.

People are going to simply agree their way to Apocalypse.

Personally, I’d rather pass at the “bad news”.


February 18, 2019

Cruising around the social network, one is liable to run into the nasty little beasties called “trolls”.

They are not cute and cuddly like the group ruled by Queen Poppy with a serious addiction to glitter. No, these trolls are the party-poopers of the modern age.

They are usually easy to spot because they post and post and post. On the subject they are trolling, they will respond to practically every thread on the subject that espouses the opinion they do not like. Yes, I mean on every thread! They race around like a chihuahua hopped-up on Ensure making sure THEIR two-cents is the predominant opinion expressed.

Telling points about these fellows is they will usually spout data and when asked for a source their response will be either ignore the response or, if pressed, respond that anyone can do a Google search these days.

The Google search thing is a put-down intended to make the responder look stupid, of course, which makes them think they look smarter. Au contraire!

As anyone knows, a Google search would have to include very specific data and if the troll will not impart the criteria related to the search, you cannot locate his source. Obviously! But, that’s the ruse; he doesn’t want to divulge his source(s) because you might be able to refute the source… and there goes his entire argument.

Ad hominem attacks – otherwise known as “name-calling” – is generally one of the first red flags announcing the presence of a troll. They might be direct like “what an idiot” or more roundabout as “someone who has obviously not read the article” but it will include a put-down.

As in the earlier tactic, the main focus is making it appear the responder is less intelligent or less informed than the troll.

So, how do you deal with such an offensive beast?

Most people say you don’t feed the trolls… meaning you do not respond to them. And they will poke and badger you to respond to them so they can keep their attack going.

I usually keep to the two rules plan:

First – call the troll out for being one.

After a short time, it is never very long, the troll responds with some withering remarks, at which time I

Second – Thank them for proving my point and disengage.

And I usually make that my final post on the subject: “Thanks for proving my point. Disengaging.”

And I walk away from it.

I don’t go back and keep checking to see if he responds, I simply no longer care.

If I receive a notification that he has responded. I delete it.

It doesn’t matter to me if I have the final word.

Intelligent people do not care about the final word.

Oh, but trolls most assuredly DO.

It gives them the apparency of “winning” which is all they really wanted.

I am happy to allow them their delusions.

a Little Perspective

January 30, 2019

People get so irate with the idea of the Bilderbergers wanting to take charge.

Imagine: a group of very successful people trying to tell other people what to do.

Where could they ever get the idea that their opinion mattered? I mean other than the fact they they do very well in the economic sphere (usually, that alone).

Well, for one thing, it is a lot like the Christian community:

All these people have found God and joy and they want that for everyone else
so they promote it, proselytize, pressure they government to pass more “Christian” laws. They want the best for everyone assuming that what they know is best for them is really the best for everyone.

I see the Bilderbergers in the same light. They are not all evil people – for the most part – attempting to destroy the world. They actually think that if their opinions are implemented it will make the world better for everyone. Like the Christians, they think they know best for everyone else.

Unfortunately, the Bilderbergers are as wrong as the Christians.

There is no “one size fits all” nor has there ever been.

Diversity was created for a reason.

What Price Freedom?

October 2, 2018

The sanctified characteristics of Lincoln’s administration, those actions he has been revered for – tactics used to “preserve the union”, even at the cost of destroying what it stood for – are the same characteristics of the “patriotic mindset”.

We are horrified to learn that black projects of our intelligence community break so many of the laws and ideals we hold in high regard but we should remember that they are only operating under influence of the same patriotic zeal displayed by Lincoln: the union must be preserved at ALL costs.

The union, so preserved, has been destroyed in its saving.

Remember that the next time you revere patriots suborning law and human decency in order to preserve the American way of life.

Monsters ride easily on the back of feigned good intentions.

If you cannot preserve what is good within the framework you so idolize, does it really exist at all?

Sadly, not.

Among Them

April 24, 2018

In the hypothetical secret society of the Wains is a group of people rarely glimpsed, rarely even imagined, who seem to have been operating in plain sight for quite some time.

Among the conspiracy.

Their actions were never major, never groundbreaking, and yet, for the astute observer, their fingerprints are obvious.

For example, in the evidence utilized by the Warren Commission is a group of photographs collectively known as the Back Yard Photos (BYP) which purportedly show the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, holding weapons and Communist publications.

Since they were first revealed – to Oswald himself, actually – they have been claimed to be faked.

The debate has raged for over fifty years although they have now been finally proven to be fakes by the members of the ReOpenKennedyCase forum online. There can be no further argument as reality don’t lie; you can trick the eye but you can’t fool basic physics.

Still, from the outset many have said they looked faked causing one to wonder why the conspiracy couldn’t have put together better fake documentation. It was almost as if whoever manufactured the things wanted it to be known they were faked.

The same is true with the Towner film.

The section of the film that pans across the entry to the TSBD should have showed the enigma known as “Prayer Man” in the shadows. Unfortunately, the shadows seem too deep to gain any impression whatsoever.

Interestingly enough, however, if one magnifies each of those frames in succession, it is rather easily seen that an occlusion has been overlaid over that portion of the frame in order to hide such details as might be available.

Why someone would do this is obvious and speaks volumes as evidence of Prayer Man being so damned important.

What is puzzling is why the job was so poorly done as to draw attention to itself to any astute researcher. If the fakery had included the same shaped overlay on each of the frames there would have been no problem but the shapes differ from frame to frame and allow some details of the “shadows” to become visible.

Again, it appears that whoever did the job did it in such a way that people would see the tampering.

Who would do that?

In the ninth century, a document came to light that the Catholic Church embraced with all its might: the Donation of Constantine.

This apparent Imperial Edict of the great patron of the church, Emperor Constantine, granted power over the kings of Europe to the Church.

The Church, of course, used it to their full advantage for centuries before the document was discovered to be a forgery.

It would seem that the person who created the Donation utilized ninth century Latin rather than that of the fourth century used by the real Emperor Constantine.

Adding insult to injury, the forger also included a title for the Pope and the successors on the Pontifical throne used this title for centuries: VICARIUS FILII DEI.

That is, until it was pointed out in the nineteenth century that that Latin phrase happens to equate to the encoded number of the Beast: 666.

One might think a forger doing something beneficial to the Church would have done a better job of using the proper form of Latin and not saddled the Papacy with the Number of the Beast.

These are just a couple of examples where it appears that someone supposedly working for the conspiracy is actually trying to tell us something.

Just an idea, I suppose.