What It Ain’t

July 17, 2021

I have been studying conspiracy for sixty years and I can tell you one thing: it isn’t of recent origin.

A lot of the conspiracy websites will confidently state that it started with the CIA or the Federal Reserve. Many more will point to the Robber Barons or the birth of the political parties in early America.

Some see the origins being with the Illuminati or the Masons. Some see it going back to the Rothschilds or the Khazarians or even the Knights Templar.

Unfortunately, even those quite ancient groups were still late-comers to this enterprise. It goes so much further back that the names and particular episodes are lost to our excavation though the results of the actions can still be found – traces exist for those who are interested.

Most of the disciplines we study in today’s institutions of higher learning were critical to the developers of the conspiracy; the best method of occluding information is by being the ones who direct the inquiry. The methods chosen to be passed down from generation to generation were carefully molded to achieve the anonymity they craved.

And it has worked marvelously well for several millennia.

History as a discipline tells us that the great events in the past are of the greatest import to our world today. Law was designed to ensure ownership. Science, born out of the Great Church, has the same motive as the parent: to honor the creation more than the Creator.

All the disciplines of today are born of the conspiracy for specific purposes to mold the minds of the populace to become more easily controllable, more easily manipulated.

One will have to unlearn quite a bit to see the REAL world again.


Gatekeepers and Influencers

June 28, 2021

In the Q community, we have seen quite a few people rise to prominence in utilizing both their ability to make connections as well as assisting others in making sense of the mysteries of the prognostications.

Much of their work has served us well.

But… here comes the rub.

Influencers can sometimes have ulterior motives.

Some can become leaders in a movement, parroting the maxims of the group and helping grow the community only to show their true colors at a later time.

These are the gatekeepers.

After building up a following, they slowly insert contra-intuitive statements into their speech and drive a wedge into various sub-groups of the community.

We have seen an awful lot of people posting their interpretations of the drops to presage future occurrence.

These games are fun and exciting for sure but when they do not come to pass there are people who get discouraged; having hung their hopes on the singular interpretation rather than the source.

When enough of these letdowns have occurred, some in the movement begin to claim that the drops are meaningless because these interpretations did not produce the desired results. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

Most of these prognostications were offered openly without agenda – we humans like to think that we can figure these sort of things out.

Some, however, were broadcast in order to confuse the community.

And with this “confusion” comes the naysayers: people who claim the drops are meaningless as they have not produced any workable roadmap.

Then people start to doubt “the plan”.

Most of us have watched this advance in real time around the world. The proof that this was nothing more than a deep state psy-op can be found in the recent headlines: “QAnon Followers Disappointed in ‘The Plan’ May Become Violent”. Yes, that is currently the hot topic in the news coming out of the FBI.

Does anyone need more proof that this was infiltration from within?

Deep State apparatchiks have always worked through infiltration. They insert people into organizations to begin the rumors, start the disaffection, or anything else to derail the movement.

It has been repeated so many times in the past.

Along with these sowers-of-doubt are the dividers: the ones who start finding flaw in other leaders of the movement… claiming they “blaspheme” or some such, or are using their platform to sell merchandise and get rich at the expense of the community.

Yes, we have plenty of these in the Awakening movement as well.

Having studied conspiracy for fifty years, it is easy to see the same toolbags being used by the same sort of douchebags once again. Their skillset is really quite limited.

Infiltrate, gain support, become an influencer and then slowly, quietly, begin to reprogram the minds of your followers to draw them away from the group – to set them against other group members for whatever reasons.

Divide and conquer – the tactic they use on the society at large with their Black Lives Matter and sexual agendas – and they are using it again within the Awakening movement.

Their latest push is that the plan has failed so we need to become violent. Why?

And who thinks the plan has failed?

Just because Trump left office does not mean the plan failed or that Pence was a traitor. Heck no!

If everything had been cleaned up on January 6th, half the population would think Trump stole the election. No, it had to be done this way so the Dems could fast-forward their agenda in such a way to RedPill the entire world.

Their blatant disregard for humanity or the rule of law is apparent to more and more people everyday. This should not have been possible if the plan had been done differently.

Like Q has always said: You have to SHOW the people.

It is not something you can point out to people, they have to make the discovery themselves; they have to look at the news coming out of DC and go “Wha-a-a-a-a??”

Though the process may be excruciatingly painful to many and disheartening to many as well, it HAD to be this way or the Deep State cannot be eradicated.

Faith the size of a mustard seed is all that is required.

Scavino said: Trust the man not the plan.

I say to trust in both. They are, after all, one and the same.

And stop listening to the leaders in the community telling you who within the community is wrong. We are ALL right for being in the membership.

Yes, these divisive people have seemingly forgotten the maxim we hold to: Where We Go One We Go All.

And, yeah, the Deep State would dearly love to see that put asunder.

Shades of Conspiracy

August 9, 2020

Maybe it’s just me – perhaps I am seeing shadows where none truly exist – but the Snowden affair has always seemed rather humorous.

So many conspiracy theorists I have read seem to think the “good guys” have scored an enormous coup over the “forces of darkness” with Snowden’s revelations.

On the surface, it would certainly appear to be so. Unfortunately, a little voice inside keeps asking some uncomfortable questions.

Like, “didn’t we already know all this?” and “Why hasn’t some retaliation taken place?”

If the “bad guys” were really capable of offing anyone who stood in their way – like Aaron Swartz, for example – why is Snowden and Greenwald still running around spilling their guts?

One would almost think the conspiracy was suddenly made impotent. Pleasant thought, certainly, but not very realistic to think they are sitting in the corner wringing their hands saying, “Oh, dear, oh, dear! What ever are we to do now?”

For one thing, this NSA spying data was released several years before Snowden. Perhaps the story never garnered enough market-share until Snowden’s “patriotic whistleblowing” took the media by storm but the basic facts in the case had already been released, starting back in 2005.

Now, why would they want this data released? What’s in it for them?

History has shown that they do not work that straightforward. The conspiracy has succeeded thus far because it cannot be nailed down so easily. They prefer working in the broadstrokes.

So, what can their game be in this case?

If indeed there is any game at all… still, seeing the numerous times the data has been “revealed” in the past eight years, I assume the information is supposed to be made public for a reason.

And the “reason”?

I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist – what do I know?

If they want us to lose complete faith in our government, I’d say we are pretty much already there.

So, what was this gambit really about?

Perhaps the CIA getting a peek at the NSA’s tool kit?

Or simply another method of siphoning off America’s intellectual properties to other nations? We see a lot of that going on at present with China, don’t we?

And where was it Snowden first fled?

Possibly Contagious?

August 2, 2020

(This is a continued conversation about the hypothetical organization I have called “the Wains”.)

Some people may be wondering about a secret society whose members do not even know it exists… How can it possibly get new members?

Most Secret Societies are static. They have a structure, a ruling membership, form, function, and – most of all – secrets.

The society I am thinking of is organic. It has no structure, no form, no by-laws, and no power base to guard with secrecy.

And its members may only be a part of the group for a short time. Yes, without even knowing of it.

But how?

Possibly by seeing others do something noble, something worthwhile, in awe and admiration. And when a similar circumstance arises before them, they become that person.

They receive no membership card, pay no dues, subscribe to no newsletter.

Perhaps they will be among the Wains for years or perhaps just for one act that furthers the needs of the society… well, whatever they might be.

This is all, of course, extremely hypothetical. I don’t even know if such a thing is remotely possible.

But if the conspiracy works in one fashion throughout the ages, the opposition cannot operate in the same manner – the same formulaic structure – or it should become something of power to be feared as well. And I don’t think that is the purpose behind the Wains, if they exist.

They are not about themselves. They are about “us”.

All of us… well…

…except for “them”.

You know.

(rant: on)

July 26, 2020

I know a great deal of researchers – such as in the JFK community – who are fairly good at researching, finding the truth behind the media lies.

And yet, in today’s troubled times, they too blithely accept the swill from the media slop and add their voices to the nonsense and mayhem flooding the airwaves.

Turns out their “research skills” are lacking in the critical area to actually do some good – preferring to stick their head in the sands-of-time where blindness becomes safety.

A great awakening is taking place and the “I told you so moment” for many is rapidly approaching.

Don’t make me say it.

(rant off)

the Great and Powerful Oz Has Spoken

July 19, 2020

Recently, I came across a website created by a group of scientists arguing against Darwinian evolution. Their science is very good and throws acid on the face of every proponent of Darwin who makes the baseless claim: “the science is settled”.

They might have other followers if it were not for their counter claim, Intelligent Design, is also propounded by Christians and their “creationism”.

What I find interesting in their premise is that modern science – Darwinianism especially – seems to negate God. They extend this fundamental disbelief across the spectrum and show that this form of thinking is behind a lot of the current sociological agendas.

To anyone who has followed any of my conspiracy stuff, it should come as no surprise that I agree with these fellows. Yes, I am against Darwinian evolution – even though Darwin and Watson’s original thesis included the hand of the Creator in this process – as it falls precisely into the current agenda of Man-is-Master, rather than God.

It matters not which religion you adhere to, but most that I have seen are part and parcel of the ages old conspiracy.

Those rather quick on the uptake will see the inference I have made here and say, “Wait a minute! How can religion be saying ‘Man-is-Master, rather than God’?”

Excuse me while I chuckle.

This is one of the primary indicators that the conspiracy has been forming for a very long time.

One might think that an organization created to revere God could not possibly be geared toward the opposite. It certainly would appear so until you read a little deeper into the propaganda.

The Catholic Church, like all such venerable institutions, interposes itself between the parishioner and God. In olden times, the priests of whatever cult, held their power by convincing the innocents that it was their intercession alone that could gain an ear of the Creator. Catholicism goes one step further and proclaims (attributed to Jesus, of course) that to get to the Father you MUST go through the Son and His representatives (i.e. the Pope and his subordinate ministers) to get a hearing with the Father. It is further expounded (by Saul the persecutor and killer of followers of Jesus) that wheresoever three or more are gathered in His name, there shall He be.

The last phrase is, of course, a commandment to form churches if you want to have any sort of standing with God.

In other words, God the Mighty, Creator of All, defender and lover of all His children, omnipotent, omnipresent, and so on, who knows the thoughts of all, knows the hearts of all, and notes every blade of grass or when a sparrow falls, cannot be bothered by you unless you go through a priest (a Man) to get the ear of Jesus (a Man) to intercede with the Father (God).

Some even condone the intercession of Mary, mother of Jesus, to get the ear of the Son in order to reach God.

Jesus Christ! How many people do we find as gatekeepers to get to the Divine?

The religion is far less about enabling Men to contact their Creator, it is about CONTROL.

And that, dear friends, is one of the primary goals of the Conspiracy.

In most other respects they also work out of sight, behind the scenes, manipulative and covert, to achieve their aims. If the Church was really about Jesus and his ministry, you would hear more about “the temple of God” being within you and that we are ALL “sons and daughters of the Creator”, and not just him. You would know that this connection to God that you need has already been made – at the moment of your creation – and can be accessed any moment, day and night, requiring no other intermediary that your own decision to do so.

No priests, no Pope, no church hierarchy, no building, no offerings… nothing but you communicating with the one who created you.

All else is political intrigue, chimera, and manipulation. And we see this happening around us in the world today as the Antifa groups of George Soros attempt to tear down the pillars of civilization.

You will see the conspiracy and realize it is all around us when you know HOW to look at what you are seeing.

Do not fall for the appearances, look for the patterns.

Identifying Nazis

July 12, 2020

In 2017, group of truth warriors began searching the photos of the marchers in Charlottesville and began systematically destroying lives.

Yes, there were some cases of mis-identification, but what would once expect from a witch-hunt? A few lives ruined needlessly is the price to pay in the larger battle for the greater good. Didn’t the Bishop tell Simon de Montfort on the eve of the Cathar Crusade: “Kill them all. God will know His own”? Some innocents may perish but the Crusade is the main thing, to protect our children from… well, THEIR children.

I am certain what they are doing is good work. Just like the Simon Wiesenthal group routing out the last Nazi janitor, or some such, the work simply HAS to be done so we can rid the world of the evil. We simply have to stop hate in its tracks before it proliferates, or breeds. We simply cannot condone hate.

The only concern I have is what about the other people involved in the sordid affair… you know, the ones who did not have a legal permit to assemble… the ones who did not come to peacefully assemble and protest something… the ones who came looking for a fight?

Where are the crusaders looking through those photos, rooting out the evil that came with bats and evil intent?

Perhaps those masked crusaders were actually working for the good, to rid to world of the peaceful demonstrators that preach hate…

By all means, we should attack hate wherever it rears its ugly head, but hate had many vectors in Charlottesville.

Why is only one side being targeted by the crusade?

Oh, that’s right! They are the haters on the “right” side of the issue. Their violence, intent, masks, flags, chants, and vitriol are acceptable. Only the really good hate is allowed.

My bad.

History… repeat: History… repeat: History… repeat:

July 5, 2020

There is one heck of a lot of talk today about history, and statues, and lack-of-vision.

Some people want the statues to remain up while others say they are reminders of a distasteful point in history that needs to be expunged from our memory.

Many claim we need these reminders so that “history will not be repeated”.

I hate to break it to you but… history is being repeated at this very moment at many places around the globe.

Reminders don’t seem to help what with people being people.

Misuse and abuse of power has been going on for a very, very long time. History, one could say, is a frightfully long story of people behaving very badly.

People really do not take much interest in history. The reason being is that it is an artificial construct.

How many people alive today are really living their lives for what will be best for the year 2200 A.D.?

Nobody. Not a single soul alive today is thinking that far ahead. And those who try to “do what is best for the future” are doomed from the outset.

The “now” viewed through the lens of the future as history is not what we are seeing today.

They will have their own concerns, their own visions, their own concepts of what led to whatever good they see in their world. We are not privileged to glimpse that view and can only do what we can in and for the here and now. The actions we deem good for ourselves may be the very things some future person is going to say was the absolute worst thing ever done in the history of the world.

No, all we can do – just as was the task of every person who ever came before us – is to do the best we can for the world right now.

The future can take care of its own needs but I can assure you they will see what we were doing and ask themselves: “Why didn’t they see they were repeating the errors of the past?”

We repeat the past whether we know the past or not because it seems the right thing to do today.

I lived through riots in the ’60’s and people were appalled, thinking the Apocalypse was upon us and yet we have arrived at the present still in one piece. Every period in history has had the same close-call with oblivion (at least in their own minds) and came through it only somewhat singed by the fires of everlasting Hell.

People will repeat history’s mistakes because we are people. Until someone genetically modifies a Human 2.0 (or we give everything over to an AI command) we will continue to make human mistakes as viewed throughout our long and messy histories.

The statues were not all put up – as the rabid haters tell us – as a monument to slavery or to memorialize the Jim Crow laws or whatever else they imagine in their righteous fervor. Some were erected by family members to celebrate the life and loss of a loved relative. Some were erected to memorialize the courage of the locals.

To attempt to white-wash the reality and claim they were all raised-up to memorialize the condition of slavery is to darken any attempt at familial tenderness and community pride. That, in itself, is rewriting history.

Many of the detractors would have you believe that every person who raised a salute to the Confederate flag was a slave-owner or one that wanted most fervently to become one. THAT is rewriting history. The vast majority of the participants on the Southern side were protecting their hearth and home and state from invasion by an armed enemy. The regular joes who made up the divisions that bled and died were not involved in the political decisions of the day. They were patriots who, when their beloved state called for volunteers, answered the call.

To understand the situation less is to shame the memory of many American patriots who gave their lives for their country and display one’s lack of understanding more than the monotonic delivery that conflict has been getting lately.

History will ever be repeated because so few people actually dig deep enough to understand the history, the people, the times. Most assume that a thumbnail sketch is all that is required to fully understand a subject. Saying the war was “only” about slavery is tantamount to saying the American Revolution was only about taxes.

Or that you understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity because you can repeat E=mc2.

Major undertakings in history garnered support from many different people for as many different reasons.

If it could be over-simplified for the nonchalant, it would not be a major discipline.

Doomed to repeat it we are, regardless.


June 28, 2020

People are objecting to statues of American heroes being taken down.

Some claim that the people so honored are actually reprehensible human beings and do not deserve honoring, or remembering.

So, like some modern psychotherapists we are attempting to exorcise portions of our collective memory, to gloss-over the bad in our past and show only the good, the pure, the clean.

Of course, that what is good, pure, and clean by our present definitions.

In the future, I am certain we will decide that George Washington, being the largest slave owner – like, …ever! – should not be honored as well. So, let’s take down his statues and that ugly Monument on the Capitol Mall.

Perhaps, as well, they will find Lincoln distasteful in the future. Why would such a man wait so damned long into the War of Northern Aggression to tell people they were really fighting for freeing the slaves? And why, then, would he make the proclamation only apply to the territories he did not currently control? Seems a bit weak to me… like the U.S. passing a law about what Mexico can or cannot do, or Canada. Maybe we should get rid of his statues and that damned Memorial on the Capitol Mall as well.

And the people who fought for the South? They should probably be all dug up and burned. They certainly weren’t patriots!

And then there’s Jefferson. What can I say? The man spoke of freedom and equality of all men but he never got rid of his slaves. He was even sleeping with one and had children by her and yet kept her a slave. That sort of thing demeans America and what we stand for. I think his statues should go as well.

And, perhaps, to placate the British perhaps we should simply apologize for the Revolution. We could become a Crown Colony again… it might be the answer we need to get a decent Healthcare system.

I’m sure if we look a bit further, we can all come up with other things some or many of us find a bit distasteful about our collective past that needs to be scrubbed a bit cleaner.

Maybe we can simply erase slavery from our history? How about our treatment of the Native Americans?

Science could help on this, I am certain. They are already learning how to manipulate the temperatures from the past to better jibe with their global warming thesis, so I am certain they can assist in some way with our rewriting other history as well.

Then we can all relax, comfortable, in our freshly repainted past, secure in the notion that we are pure as the driven snow… and always have been.

Just a Comic Book Storyline?

June 25, 2020

In his 2000 film “Unbreakable” M. Night Shymalan posits the concept that comic books are an age-old method of transferring truth from one age to another in a form easily conveyed and easily digested.

The ever-ongoing battle between Good and Evil can be seen in the neatly squared boxes of the stories, the imagery being a sort of shorthand resonating with the mind of the reader.

Which is all very fine as a storyline but does it really stand up to the test of time?

I give as a case in point: the Marvel cinematic universe.

At first glance, one might dismiss the idea as farcical since, as it were, we have no super heroes like Iron Man, Spidey, Captain America or the like tto battle our enemies. One thing, however, does strike a very somber chord in this series of tales: the ubiquitous presence of Hydra.

Anyone who has done more than a cursory investigation into the ominous and very real “Deep State” plaguing the current world (yes, in this very non-Marvel universe) understands the depth of the problem before us.

Trump said he planned on draining the “swamp” and most people thought he was talking about the Congress. Since that time, many have come to think of the swamp as the “bad” Democrats. It is, in fact, something far more perverse.

It has been obvious to many students of history that the corruption creeping into the government is not confined to a single political party; one reason why the two-party system has remained a fixture in America because two are easier to control than a plethora of ideologies. As well, many have noted the slow decline into globalism regardless of the “party” in power. Neither party has been part of the solution – both are actually the problem.

So, how does Hydra fit into all this?

Quite simple: they have bought off most of the members of Congress over the years. They bought generals, they bought judges, they bought media icons, as well as most of the darlings of the silver screen community.

Most researchers into the subject are well aware of this and most of the bad apples have been targeted – locked and loaded for justice. What most do not comprehend, however, is that the tentacles of Hydra have gone far deeper than suspected.

A file clerk in the Social Security Administration living a slightly better lifestyle than one of their pay grade would normally enjoy. A secretary in the Department of the Treasury; an inspector with the Atomic Energy Commission; and so forth.

A plethora of nameless persons in minor positions in the government who can keep watch and report on the doings of the watchdogs. They may not have much power in their positions but are most certainly an inroad for the resurgence of Hydra after the shit has finally hit the you-know-what.

This structure designed for continuation of the nefarious organization has been modelled in the Marvel universe and, I can assure you, is most definitely operating in a like manner in our own.

So, once the Q mission has been accomplished and all the major players have been arrested and removed, we are going to have to remain vigilant into the future for the resurgence of the evil that has plagued us for so long.

They have been working on the destruction of freedom for centuries, millennia, and are used to setbacks.

Be assured, they have plans in place to rise even from this debacle.

We cannot depend on Captain Marvel to save us. We are going to have to become our own super heroes.