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a Little More About the Wains… Maybe

September 5, 2013


Like I have said, this is a society so secret that they don’t even know they exist.

So, how could they possibly survive?

Perhaps Anonymous, Swartz, Snowden and the like got their inspiration to do good deeds and thereby “became members” of the Wains without knowing it.

Someone, somewhere has instilled in this sort of people the need to do something powerful against the “dark forces of evil”.

Quite often, if viewed from the outside, they might appear to be doing wrong. Much like super-heroes are often viewed with horror by the public even while the guy is saving their butts.

This is shown in the Hell Boy stories and in the animated feature “The Incredibles”. Even Batman is thought by many of the denizens of Gotham to be a “bad guy” or else he should not need a mask.

And if this society is so secret, I doubt they have anything as quaint as a secret handshake, a password, a headquarters, mailing address, or unlisted phone number. No one keeps tabs on the members or a database of who they are because no one even knows.

The whole idea may sound too fantastic to believe but the oddest thing is that there are traces in history of such a group.

Just as there are traces of the “one-worlders”.


So, Who are These Wains?

October 20, 2012

I have studied history and have seen a lot of what looks like tracks of a long-standing conspiracy throughout much of it.

Most people – including most conspiracy theorists – think any conspiracy is of short duration. In other words, stemming from the Masons.

Having never been a member of any Masonic Lodge, I cannot say for certain that no part of the conspiracy stems from there but I have known many members of that club over my lifetime and they have all thought the idea was ludicrous.

And, knowing full well that even members of the upper tier of the Masons may not have been invited into the fabled dark “inner circle”, I know that there may be some of the conspirators dwelling among their ranks.

Still, the conspiracy as I have seen it so far predates the first Masonic Lodge that those fellows really are newcomers on the playing field. So, if they are part of the conspiracy, they are a new branch of the club and not the core organization.

Now, who is this core organization and how do the Wains relate to them?

The Wains – as I have called them – are fiction. I have no idea if such a group actually exists – though traces of some group like this can be found throughout history – and their actions appear to be diametrically opposed to the group that now encompasses the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateralists. In common parlance they would be the “good guys” in contrast to the conspiracy’s “bad guys”.

Unless, of course, you number yourself among the friends of the Illuminati, in which case they would be the good guys and the Wains would, of course, be the baddies. It really is nothing more than a matter of perspective.

So, this secret society, by whatever name, has been battling the “dark forces of evil”, as I see it, for more centuries than we have history.

But, do I really know such a group exists?

No, not for certain. But I can only hope that someone has had our back through all this time or we are going to be in bad shape in years to come. If there is no such group and all that has been holding back the black hats is their own temerity, I think that time is just about over.

But I think they do exist, or else we do not have much of a prayer.