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Wains Society… still on hold

April 21, 2012

For anyone who has ventured onto this blog, the “hold” will mean nothing, as the book it was intended to be about has still not been written. Other projects have drawn my attention away from the novel about the fabled secret society.

Meanwhile, the first and foremost event that introduced me to “Conspiracy Theory”, the Lincoln Assassination, has held my muse hostage for the past two years. It has resulted in the publication of Eighteen Pages, published last month on kindle digital editions, and the sequel, Eighteen Pages More, undergoing the final stages of editorial revision as I type this, and the soon to be completed non-fiction work on the same subject, The Plot to Kill John Wilkes Booth.

At which point, I may be able to return to the novel from which the Wains Society was birthed.

I will keep the Wain waiters updated as the process evolves.