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the Long Conspiracy

October 26, 2012

I have mentioned that the conspiracy has gone on a long time. How do I know this? Primarily because several tenets of the conspiracy are already in place at the very dawn of recorded history.

And what are these tenets of which I speak? First, the degradation of the female – the female has always been marginalized throughout history – second, the social formation where the person on top of the social body is the the ruler of the people rather than the servant of them – the earliest records already have kings ruling over the people – and third, state religions are already in place to control how people get in touch with their deity (or deities) – all priesthoods claimed to have been the go-between to the god(s).

It has often been said that the oldest profession was prostitution, but I think kingship and the priesthood probably go back as far, if not farther. Regardless, they are all three symptoms of the same societal problem that continues to the present, all part and parcel of the underpinnings of the great conspiracy.

Many people I have talked to over the years tell me that the conspirators are all essentially evil. That may seem logical to most people but I find it hard to believe that people – most people, anyway – could have a sane existence by doing what they knew was wrong, or evil.

I think Hitler was actually working toward something he considered good, not being evil for the sake of it. Sure, it was demented and had some very serious side-effects but he thought he was doing some good.

Just like the “smoking man” in the X-Files stories: he was doing what he thought was best for the human race. It did not look that way to the rest of us but the rationale worked for him.

So, what was this conspiracy all about?

The beginnings are so obscure as the be forgotten but some myths do come down to us from that time and they tell a whopper!

Apparently, some people visited here from outer space – yes, that crazy tale – and the alien was able to convince many people that he was god. And, yes, this guy loved to be bowed down to and worshiped!

Then one day, for whatever reason, the guy took off and claimed he would return. And with his departure came the threat of what would happen if the humans here were not still working in his best interests on his return.

So, his chief priesthood has been working to insure humans will still be subservient on the god’s return. Elsewise, the guy may just eradicate the species and start over again. Yes, the illuminati are trying to keep us from being wiped out by this crazy guy, if and when he returns.

Is the story far-fetched? You bet!

Too incredible to be believed? Absolutely!

But is there any other explanation?

I would certainly be open to discussing ideas from others.

Because the idea sounds too far-fetched even for me.


Searching for the Wains

October 23, 2012

In my historical researches for the hypothetical secret society that I call the Wains, you might wonder how I came up with the notion of their existence.

First of all, researching the grand conspiracy that led up to the present, it appears these bad guys were getting the upper hand several times in history but always seemed to be thwarted by something… or someone. Naturally – since I was writing fiction – I had to come up with a counter-society that was working against them. But who and where were these guys?

Secret societies have always been hard to ferret out because… well, they were a secret. Many times, their existence is only known by the void they leave behind. If you see some actions having passed but cannot trace the change of events back to the start, it looks like it might be evidence of secrets. If you get my drift.

Then I hypothesized, what if this was not a normally “structured” secret society? Not like the illuminati where they have meetings, secret handshakes, code-names, and what-not. What if the Wains were a more fluid organization, where only one or two people actually knew about the history and continued the “group” as it were. “Members” were people who were enlisted to aid the aims of the Wains without actually becoming card-carrying Wains. This would make it extremely difficult for anyone – i.e. the bad guys – to discover the group and destroy them.

It was an interesting idea and it would make it hard for them to be uncovered. Yes, even by researchers like me.

So, do they really exist?

Who knows for certain. All I can say for certain is that it appears someone has been working throughout history against the bad guys of the conspiracy and I cannot find anyone else taking up the task.

A little evidence would be very helpful, but I don’t see anything forthcoming. Still, some suppositions could be made about this group.

They would not be active, publicly, politically, in any formal way. Members of the group might be active in the public sphere, such as the work Dickens accomplished in attempting to improve the social conditions in England.

But I would imagine a lot of their activity could be found among the fringe elements. For example, more of a pagan religiosity rather than any organized religion. More of an ecological earth-centered structure than any high-tech fast-lane group. That sort of thing.

And why did I choose the name “wain”?

There is a constellation in the Northern night sky that many call Charlemagne’s war wagon… we call it Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper.

But the name traditionally held by the people of Europe was not Charlemagne’s war wagon, it was “Cheorl’s Wain”. It is easy to see how it could have been mistakenly thought to be talking about Charlemagne, but “cheorl” or “ceorl” was and ancient Teutonic word for the common man. And “wain” meant wagon. So, the constellation used to guide many of the early people of Europe was known as the common man’s wagon.

Somehow it became misappropriated and taken away from the common man.

Hmm, now that sounds typical, doesn’t it?

So, Who are These Wains?

October 20, 2012

I have studied history and have seen a lot of what looks like tracks of a long-standing conspiracy throughout much of it.

Most people – including most conspiracy theorists – think any conspiracy is of short duration. In other words, stemming from the Masons.

Having never been a member of any Masonic Lodge, I cannot say for certain that no part of the conspiracy stems from there but I have known many members of that club over my lifetime and they have all thought the idea was ludicrous.

And, knowing full well that even members of the upper tier of the Masons may not have been invited into the fabled dark “inner circle”, I know that there may be some of the conspirators dwelling among their ranks.

Still, the conspiracy as I have seen it so far predates the first Masonic Lodge that those fellows really are newcomers on the playing field. So, if they are part of the conspiracy, they are a new branch of the club and not the core organization.

Now, who is this core organization and how do the Wains relate to them?

The Wains – as I have called them – are fiction. I have no idea if such a group actually exists – though traces of some group like this can be found throughout history – and their actions appear to be diametrically opposed to the group that now encompasses the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateralists. In common parlance they would be the “good guys” in contrast to the conspiracy’s “bad guys”.

Unless, of course, you number yourself among the friends of the Illuminati, in which case they would be the good guys and the Wains would, of course, be the baddies. It really is nothing more than a matter of perspective.

So, this secret society, by whatever name, has been battling the “dark forces of evil”, as I see it, for more centuries than we have history.

But, do I really know such a group exists?

No, not for certain. But I can only hope that someone has had our back through all this time or we are going to be in bad shape in years to come. If there is no such group and all that has been holding back the black hats is their own temerity, I think that time is just about over.

But I think they do exist, or else we do not have much of a prayer.

Connections So Remote, Tantalize

October 17, 2012

Years ago, even before I came up with the idea for the Wain Society, I had made a connection in my mind between three men in history: Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen Foster, and John Wilkes Booth.

I don’t know why my mind made the connections but for some reason, I thought they were connected.

Later, when I studied the history, there seemed to be no connections between the three and I wondered why I had thought they had some bond between them.

And though the facts seemed to indicate otherwise, my mind still held to the idea. Poe was born in 1809 and died in 1849, when Foster was 23 and Booth was only 11. Any connection between them would have been a little bit of a stretch. After a time, I simply forgot about the matter.

Years later, doing research for my novel about the secretive Wains, one person I thought who seemed to embody many of the ideals of the group was Charles Dickens. The social crusader he was, as well as the train wreck that almost killed him, and his early death at age 58, all seemed perfect for a champion of this secret society.

And it was during my research of Dickens that I found an interesting set of “coincidences”.

In 1842, he made a journey across the pond to visit America. Here he stopped shortly to see an old friend from England who had immigrated several years before: Junius Booth, the actor. Then he journeyed to Philadelphia to meet with Edgar Allan Poe, whose works were bestsellers in Europe though kept him penniless here.

Amazingly, Dickens visit had borne a connection between two of the three characters already. But how could he possibly be connected to Foster? Hm, I read on.

Dickens tour of America took him westward as well and he visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While in western PA, he fell ill and was given aid and comfort by a very charitable Christian family there: the Fosters.

And so Dickens visit in 1842 brought the other three together. Sure, Wilkes Booth was a mere four years old at the time and Foster had just turned sixteen, but there was a connection.

Was there something more to this trail than we know about? I don’t know but I was writing fiction and the connection was good enough for the story.

Ah, but reality beckons with such tantalizing fragments where hunches lead to such serendipitous follies.

And that’s how conspiracy theories get formed.