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A brief lesson in U.S. history…

October 1, 2013

Does anyone realized who paid for the trains that run across our nation?

The taxpayer.

Lincoln was instrumental (having been a employee of the railroads for years) in getting legislation passed to have the land allocated for the railroads and for public funds to assist in their construction.

Loudly proclaiming such things as “manifest destiny”, the rails were laid from one end of the continent to the other and the native populations were decimated at public expense.

Once the rails were complete, do you think the taxpayers got any further benefits? [It is the same with toll roads today. Public funds build them and we continue to pay forever.]

There were many great wealthy families that came out of this era all boosted to the pinnacle of wealth on the back of the taxpayers.

There seems something inherently wrong with the system we have created in America where one group of people can exist by a separate set of rules on the lifeblood of the other classes.

Certainly, there is still mobility. There are still enterprising men and women who have moved from the lower or middle classes to the rarified atmosphere of the wealthy. But not everyone has that opportunity.

Nor do a lot of people really want that sort of lifestyle.


In fact, I would say most people do not want that sort of lifestyle. Most people simply want enough to keep them and theirs happy and healthy. Most people want to feel needed and that they can be productive.

And none of that requires millions or billions of dollars.

Left to their own devices, most people would continue their search in life for productivity and happiness.

Unfortunately, the squeeze by the extremely wealthy for more and more and more is making it extremely difficult for many.

Really, the insanity must cease.


a Little More About the Wains… Maybe

September 5, 2013


Like I have said, this is a society so secret that they don’t even know they exist.

So, how could they possibly survive?

Perhaps Anonymous, Swartz, Snowden and the like got their inspiration to do good deeds and thereby “became members” of the Wains without knowing it.

Someone, somewhere has instilled in this sort of people the need to do something powerful against the “dark forces of evil”.

Quite often, if viewed from the outside, they might appear to be doing wrong. Much like super-heroes are often viewed with horror by the public even while the guy is saving their butts.

This is shown in the Hell Boy stories and in the animated feature “The Incredibles”. Even Batman is thought by many of the denizens of Gotham to be a “bad guy” or else he should not need a mask.

And if this society is so secret, I doubt they have anything as quaint as a secret handshake, a password, a headquarters, mailing address, or unlisted phone number. No one keeps tabs on the members or a database of who they are because no one even knows.

The whole idea may sound too fantastic to believe but the oddest thing is that there are traces in history of such a group.

Just as there are traces of the “one-worlders”.


August 14, 2013

There are many countries, smaller than the United States, who have more major political parties than we. Ours number two… three if you want to include the Libertarians but I said “major” and they are anything but.

One would think in a country of about three-hundred-million that there would be a little more variation in thought, more divergence in rhetoric, more creativity in political expression.

But, no, we just have the two.

Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that Americans either think one way or the other?

Can this be natural? Or is it something more along the lines of controlled thinking?

History has shown us that once-upon-a-time these two parties (under various names and guises over time) were very different beasts and stood for different things.

Of course we also understand that there were varying factions of interests throwing their substantial monetary support behind the party of their choice. That sad fact is no longer true.

One would figure that if you can buy one party’s candidate, why not simply buy two?

So we find “big oil” as well as “big pharma” (and “big-anything else” for that matter) throwing money into the red and blue coffers with equal abandon.

How so much easier to own both parties in a debate and give the viewing public the “image” of a partisan struggle going on.

Of course this would not do much good without the media stepping in to point out the “differences” between the two parties to assist us with the task of aligning ourselves to the one most like our thoughts, our wishes, our conception of a better country.

The bottom line of this polarization is the old stance “I am right and you are wrong”.

How soon until we realize that so many different viewpoints can all be so validly wrong?

Question “Authority”

July 25, 2013

A girl stopped at a store to buy some water and was assaulted by “officers” who claim they thought she was underage and buying beer.

Six plain-clothes officers surrounded her vehicle, one even jumping on the hood, all before properly identifying themselves.

The girl, in fear of her life, drove off, injuring two of the “officers” although not enough to hospitalize either.

While driving away, the girl’s companion called 911 to report the assault.

Apprehended later, the girl was arrested for “assaulting” two “officers”.

And in Hawthorne, California, policemen were involved in a standoff with a bank robbery suspect. Leon Rosby was nearby and offended the police by playing his music too loud.

Rosby had just put his dog in the car when the officers grabbed him and handcuffed him.

The dog came out to help and was promptly shot dead by the police.

The Mitchell family in Henderson, NV, found their house forcibly occupied by the police and themselves arrested for “obstruction of justice” for their refusal to acquiesce to the police demands to occupy their home.

Whoever the hell said “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” sure never spent much time in America, huh?

A cop in St. Louis was fired for beating a handcuffed suspect. The incident was videotaped from the camera in the officer’s cruiser.

When he was also charged with assault, the Missouri judge threw out the evidence of the video without looking at it and declared the ex-cop innocent.

And locally, a distraught woman with a knife was gunned down in a Costco. A local op-ed piece told the sad state of current affairs:

Police are trained by the Homeland Defense technique of showing very human figures but with captions like “grandmother with gun” or “little boy with gun” or the like.

And why do they do this? To dehumanize the general public and make it so very much easier to shoot them.

No more caring or thinking about these people as fellow human beings, they are now something less than human.

You know, how the Native Americans and the slave population were once viewed… and killed.

It is a sad state of affairs but it also tells us something about our government:

Yes, we ARE the enemy.

Just like Edward Snowden said.

Paradise, Home of the Gods

June 17, 2013


A friend recently watched a theatrical trailer for the upcoming film “Elysium” and complained that the wealthy would not have to worry about the poor slaves on Earth if they would simply make more robots to do their bidding down here while living in luxury.

By allowing the slave population to exist, they are opening themselves to eventual overthrow just as the film seems to imply.

He said the rich in the future would be smart enough to know that. They would simply wipe out the people on Earth and have the robots continue as the slave force.

Ah, yes, but then where would the wealthy get the odd kidney or lung when theirs failed?

I mean, if the cloned ones happen to be the wrong type…

the New, Improved Bilderbergers

June 11, 2013


The Bilderbergers are gathering for their annual hullabaloo.

Yes, and though they now have a web-presence to keep the peons abreast of what they are talking about, and who exactly is attending, they still keep the media and the public FAR away from the meetings.

I guess when they want our opinion, they’ll rattle our chains, huh?

Of course, they claim to just be a bunch of influential people trying to get together and use that influence to make the world a better place for all of us.

If that was true – *cough* *cough* – then why don’t they open their meetings and let us listen in. I mean IF it was really to make the place better for ALL of us.

The only logical reason that should keep them from opening the meeting is that they are planning things to help them get richer and take away our power.

If they would like to throw the meetings open and prove me, Alex Jones, David Ickes, and a bunch of other “nut jobs”, wrong, then I’ll believe them.

Until then, they are not being included on my Christmas list.

What History Really Says

April 10, 2013

open book

This is not about what our history says about us but rather is a continuation of an earlier post “History: the Root of the Conspiracy” (on March 30th).

Therein I mentioned what our history says about us but what does the very subject of history itself say about us?

If we remember that the subject glorifies kings, rulers, and war, we have a pretty good idea what it is really all about. In it Man is lauded as being very important. All his wonderful creations, all his wonderful deeds, and his marvelous technological advancements.

Yes, rather than having to depend on anything so undependable as Nature, Man has become a force unto himself and can point out his remarkable train of successes as outlined in his story to show that he no longer needs the influence of Nature… or God.

Yes, history is the story of how Man has gotten better than God. All his creations are better, more dependable, longer lasting, and better suited to Man than anything the Creator has ever put together. Science – once the observance and study of nature – has now become nature’s largest detractor.

Now, Man has even created food that is larger, juicier and far more pleasurable to look at than the Creator ever managed and much easier to control in the production. (That we have had to sacrifice a thing so minor as taste… er, and healthful benefits… is beyond even footnoting.)

And that is basically what history is: the documented account of how we got better than God, and why we no longer need such a thing in our world. We are the new, modern God.

And we need only thank those who have led us through the centuries to this pinnacle of excellence: those kings and war heroes of the past, who have dragged Mankind to its feet rather than being hobbled under the yoke of some unfeeling Deity.

Yes, but we seem to still be wearing someone’s yoke.

How Could This Happen?

April 4, 2013

Most people wonder how our ancestors could sit back and allow the conspiracy to gain such a strong foothold (i.e. “deathgrip”) on the planet.

Believe me, it really wasn’t that hard to do.

First, they decided to move very slowly, so no one would catch onto their infiltration.

That, though, was no very necessary because of basic human nature.

You see, as much as we seem to think that we are very “engaged” with the world around us and “up to speed” on all the vital stuff going on, we really (for the most part) don’t give a hoot.

Given the choice of studying the demographics of the economies of the world and seeing a football game, probably 99% would choose the game. That’s the way we operate.

And though many people get involved with some cause like protecting endangered species (a problem caused by Man, usually) or freeing Tibet (a problem caused by Man), the vast majority of the people are more concerned with the more immediate things in life, like spending time with our families or getting the latest music or downing a few brewskies with friends.

This is not to say that the majority of people would not get highly incensed over certain events it’s just that – for the most part – people tend to want to be left alone so they can concentrate more on themselves and their families.

That’s human nature.

And that is how the conspiracy has gained such a large footprint in the world today, relying on humans to behave humanly.

Even confronted with the reality of what is going on, most people ignore it in favor of whatever else excites them.

I have seen people in third world countries living in what we would call abject poverty but being very happy with their lot. They have their health, their families, and the part to provide for the ones they love. What else is true happiness about anyway?

Enter the do-gooders, who draw back in horror at “such squalor” and vow to “improve” these peoples’ lives by giving them the gift of technology and industrialization.

This reminds me of the wonderful “charity” of Bill Gates, giving computers to so many schools. Yes, and then laughing all the way to the bank as the schools had to dole out money to pay for the programs to run on his “gifts”. (And he got a tax write-off for the company as well, I am certain.)

This sort of charity is rather self-serving and is what we do to people in the third world countries. Most of them were doing okay until we came in with our first-world infrastructures and gave their governments a perfect model to oppress their people.

There is nothing wrong with charity, but this ain’t it.

But charity is another very human attribute and we happily give to organizations who disrupt peaceful people in the guise of helping them. And we never see the reality of what is going on.

Because, of course, we are too involved in doing the things that most interest us.

History: the Root of the Conspiracy

March 30, 2013

Most people – conspiracy theorists included – think the conspiracy only goes back a century, or maybe two, or perhaps as far back as the beginning of the first Masonic Temple. To consider it goes any further back is, to most, a seeming waste of time.

Unfortunately, that simply shows their dislike of studying history – a dull and dusty occupation at best – or not believing that anyone could be duped that long. The history of the Catholic Church and the resulting “Dark Ages” that fell across history as a result should wake anyone up to the reality of the extendable gullibility of the human root stock. (Why people can be duped will be handled in my next post “How Could This Happen?” so I will not get this topic get overly burdened.)

The real problem is not that parts of the history have been occluded over the centuries to hide anyone’s actions, it is the subject of history itself. And, no, I am not picking on the subject, it cannot help that it was designed to bolster the conspiracy.

Yes, it is no more than a tool.

The presupposition here is that the actions of kings and other rulers in the past really means anything; the wars that have been fought over the centuries mean more than anything else; treaties and the legal system are of importance on a global scale. These are the things that history teaches us.

Also of note is the overarching concept that Man is moving from primitivism toward enlightenment with each passing year. That all the things we surround ourselves with actually mean something.

Yes, that is what history tells us.

And it is all a lie.

Demographic Disinformation

March 25, 2013


There was a bit of a flap caused a few years back when a professor at a Texas University advocated eliminating 95% of the population. He claimed we would have to do so in order that the rest of us could survive. It sounded a bit harsh.

First off, the resources of the planet are not stretched to the breaking point just yet. Everywhere I look I see untapped resources going to waste.

A friend of mine recently claimed that population zero growth is a reality because the population of the world is not going up. Where some places are booming, other places are actually shrinking. He said if it were not for the illegal immigrants pouring into our country, the population of the United States would actually be declining.

Funny, but I checked the world population ticker online ( and it is still growing. It may only be 0.4% but it is still 25 Million more people than were here since last Thanksgiving.

But getting back to the idea of de-populating planet Earth, I have seen a bunch of conspiracy websites claiming this is what the “one-worlders” are working toward.

Wait! These guys have worked for century to take over the world and enslave the billions of inhabitants only to reduce the number suddenly down to 300 Million? Whatever for? And where then would they find enough labor to do the menial tasks? You certainly don’t expect some paltry millionaire to weed a billionaire’s garden, do you?

That seems to make no sense whatsoever.

Whatever can this be all about, huh?