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History: the Root of the Conspiracy

March 30, 2013

Most people – conspiracy theorists included – think the conspiracy only goes back a century, or maybe two, or perhaps as far back as the beginning of the first Masonic Temple. To consider it goes any further back is, to most, a seeming waste of time.

Unfortunately, that simply shows their dislike of studying history – a dull and dusty occupation at best – or not believing that anyone could be duped that long. The history of the Catholic Church and the resulting “Dark Ages” that fell across history as a result should wake anyone up to the reality of the extendable gullibility of the human root stock. (Why people can be duped will be handled in my next post “How Could This Happen?” so I will not get this topic get overly burdened.)

The real problem is not that parts of the history have been occluded over the centuries to hide anyone’s actions, it is the subject of history itself. And, no, I am not picking on the subject, it cannot help that it was designed to bolster the conspiracy.

Yes, it is no more than a tool.

The presupposition here is that the actions of kings and other rulers in the past really means anything; the wars that have been fought over the centuries mean more than anything else; treaties and the legal system are of importance on a global scale. These are the things that history teaches us.

Also of note is the overarching concept that Man is moving from primitivism toward enlightenment with each passing year. That all the things we surround ourselves with actually mean something.

Yes, that is what history tells us.

And it is all a lie.


Demographic Disinformation

March 25, 2013


There was a bit of a flap caused a few years back when a professor at a Texas University advocated eliminating 95% of the population. He claimed we would have to do so in order that the rest of us could survive. It sounded a bit harsh.

First off, the resources of the planet are not stretched to the breaking point just yet. Everywhere I look I see untapped resources going to waste.

A friend of mine recently claimed that population zero growth is a reality because the population of the world is not going up. Where some places are booming, other places are actually shrinking. He said if it were not for the illegal immigrants pouring into our country, the population of the United States would actually be declining.

Funny, but I checked the world population ticker online ( and it is still growing. It may only be 0.4% but it is still 25 Million more people than were here since last Thanksgiving.

But getting back to the idea of de-populating planet Earth, I have seen a bunch of conspiracy websites claiming this is what the “one-worlders” are working toward.

Wait! These guys have worked for century to take over the world and enslave the billions of inhabitants only to reduce the number suddenly down to 300 Million? Whatever for? And where then would they find enough labor to do the menial tasks? You certainly don’t expect some paltry millionaire to weed a billionaire’s garden, do you?

That seems to make no sense whatsoever.

Whatever can this be all about, huh?

Fear of Paranoia

March 18, 2013


FDR once said we had nothing to fear but fear itself.

I don’t know if he was speaking from personal experience or as a philosophical discourse but today most people seem steeped in fear.

The media helps fan the flames and pour on the gasoline to keep the blaze burning. One would almost think they had some sort of vested interest in keeping the fear alive.

Well, of course! Fear sells papers!

Fear also keeps people a little de-stabilized and malleable.

But one should realize this goes a little the other way as well. People who operate through such means have a certain understanding of them. In other words, they are afraid.

In reading 1984, the reader is quickly chilled by the awesome power of Big Brother to control so many people even down to their thoughts.

What is not stated so simply is that Big Brother is running scared. Why else does he need an army of thought police and spies inserted into all parts of society?

And this was Britain in the future. Britain, where guns are not as widespread as here, as Piers Morgan is so quick to point out.

Even without the widespread ownership of guns, the totalitarian rulers would still be dominated by fear.


Totalitarian regimes are held in place by a very small minority and those few strongarms they can bribe, cajole, or threaten well enough to carry out the wet-work necessary to keep them in power. And small minorities can quickly be tossed over by the majority.

Of course, it would take mobilizing the majority to some sort of action.

And humans are, fortunately, capable of withstanding only so much. At some point, things will break down and the majority will rise against anyone.

Do you think the French Revolution came about because a widespread coterie had been meeting clandestinely for years, planning and coordinating the uprising?

No. It happened spontaneously. People had simply taken all they could. When the tipping point was met, there was no turning back.

People who had been actually planning an overthrow of the government were swept away by the sudden violence that appeared out of nowhere.

You can understand why the “secret” society remains a secret.

You can understand why the conspiracy keeps itself in the darkened shadows.

They are living in constant fear.

Of us.

Finding a Secret Society

March 10, 2013


There have been hints throughout history of “secret societies” and their members.

Most people today know all about the “secret” society called the Masons. They have hardly been a secret. They have always been a very public group.

Still, there might be some sort of secret organization within the Masons but no one has ever found anything out about that group. But the Masons? Nah!

The Illuminati were another group that was supposedly very “secret” but they have been known about for centuries. Once again, however, there may be some secret motives behind them that we are still unaware of.

The idea of a secret society excites us and the mystery behind the idea intrigues us to no end. That was probably why the supposed Priory de Sion made such a big splash when it was first revealed in the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Turns out the society was actually a fake, created in the 1950’s by a guy who wanted to be a major player. Some of the ideas that came out of the study were, however, very intriguing and led to other researches about possible secret societies, even if the priory was not one of them.

Benjamin Franklin, the founding wit of America, once said “Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.”

So any sort of secret society would seem to be doomed from the outset.

Yet many people have worked for the government in highly classified positions and never revealed exactly what is was they were working on. Seems they were able to keep a secret even if they were not dead.

So, if there actually IS some secret organization of one-worlders out there – whether within the Masons or even in the “fake” Priory de Sion – it has been kept pretty much occluded.

If this society has been working for centuries to society’s detriment, it stands to reason that there must be some other organization that has been working against them, doesn’t it?

After all, why would they still operate behind a veil of secrecy? Especially since the secret seems to be pretty much out in the open… even if so very few seem to believe it.

Perhaps it is a society that follows the maxim of Benjamin Franklin.

But can there be a secret “society” if it is known by only one person?

Old Tales… Where There’s Smoke…

March 4, 2013


You may not be a believer in reincarnation. You may think this is the only shot we’ve got. In that case you can take this as some sort of psychotic embolism or whatever.

In 1969, I lived in Los Angeles, California, with my family. I was sixteen and was not a believer in reincarnation. I thought it might be a nice idea to think we keep going after… well, you know.

Anyway, the family had gone out to eat at a nice Cuban cuisine restaurant in the Rampart district about a block from the Police Station where the television show “Adam 12” took their exterior shots.

In was dark when we exited the restaurant and my older brother glanced up and said, “Look at that.”

I did not know what I was going to see but what a saw sent an icy rush down my back and a heavy, sinking feeling. Up in the dark sky was a bank of lights, some twenty rows high by what must have been a hundred across. Almost like the portholes in some giant spacecraft.

My first thought was: “Damn! They’re back so soon!!”

And then I stopped to wonder where the heck that thought had come from.

But before I could run down the street screaming like a complete lunatic, the lights turned off and flashed on again before dissolving into the word: “TESTING” as the craft turned toward the south and its silvery side reflected the lights from below, delimiting its many ribs and the large painted letters that spelled “GOODYEAR”.

Yes, it was just a blimp, not an invasion from outer space.

Still, the feeling that had struck me first got me to wondering who was I afraid was returning? And where did I get such a cockamamie idea?

Later, when I read some rather far-fetched accounts of ancient astronauts – yes, even in the Holy Bible – I began to wonder if I had some personal memory or even some racial memory of something of that sort having happened so long ago.

But why should I fear their return?

Enter “the smoking man” from the X-Files.

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

It was the same feeling I had experienced years ago in front of a Cuban restaurant in Los Angeles.