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a Little More About the Wains… Maybe

September 5, 2013


Like I have said, this is a society so secret that they don’t even know they exist.

So, how could they possibly survive?

Perhaps Anonymous, Swartz, Snowden and the like got their inspiration to do good deeds and thereby “became members” of the Wains without knowing it.

Someone, somewhere has instilled in this sort of people the need to do something powerful against the “dark forces of evil”.

Quite often, if viewed from the outside, they might appear to be doing wrong. Much like super-heroes are often viewed with horror by the public even while the guy is saving their butts.

This is shown in the Hell Boy stories and in the animated feature “The Incredibles”. Even Batman is thought by many of the denizens of Gotham to be a “bad guy” or else he should not need a mask.

And if this society is so secret, I doubt they have anything as quaint as a secret handshake, a password, a headquarters, mailing address, or unlisted phone number. No one keeps tabs on the members or a database of who they are because no one even knows.

The whole idea may sound too fantastic to believe but the oddest thing is that there are traces in history of such a group.

Just as there are traces of the “one-worlders”.


Question “Authority”

July 25, 2013

A girl stopped at a store to buy some water and was assaulted by “officers” who claim they thought she was underage and buying beer.

Six plain-clothes officers surrounded her vehicle, one even jumping on the hood, all before properly identifying themselves.

The girl, in fear of her life, drove off, injuring two of the “officers” although not enough to hospitalize either.

While driving away, the girl’s companion called 911 to report the assault.

Apprehended later, the girl was arrested for “assaulting” two “officers”.

And in Hawthorne, California, policemen were involved in a standoff with a bank robbery suspect. Leon Rosby was nearby and offended the police by playing his music too loud.

Rosby had just put his dog in the car when the officers grabbed him and handcuffed him.

The dog came out to help and was promptly shot dead by the police.

The Mitchell family in Henderson, NV, found their house forcibly occupied by the police and themselves arrested for “obstruction of justice” for their refusal to acquiesce to the police demands to occupy their home.

Whoever the hell said “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” sure never spent much time in America, huh?

A cop in St. Louis was fired for beating a handcuffed suspect. The incident was videotaped from the camera in the officer’s cruiser.

When he was also charged with assault, the Missouri judge threw out the evidence of the video without looking at it and declared the ex-cop innocent.

And locally, a distraught woman with a knife was gunned down in a Costco. A local op-ed piece told the sad state of current affairs:

Police are trained by the Homeland Defense technique of showing very human figures but with captions like “grandmother with gun” or “little boy with gun” or the like.

And why do they do this? To dehumanize the general public and make it so very much easier to shoot them.

No more caring or thinking about these people as fellow human beings, they are now something less than human.

You know, how the Native Americans and the slave population were once viewed… and killed.

It is a sad state of affairs but it also tells us something about our government:

Yes, we ARE the enemy.

Just like Edward Snowden said.