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Fear of Paranoia

March 18, 2013


FDR once said we had nothing to fear but fear itself.

I don’t know if he was speaking from personal experience or as a philosophical discourse but today most people seem steeped in fear.

The media helps fan the flames and pour on the gasoline to keep the blaze burning. One would almost think they had some sort of vested interest in keeping the fear alive.

Well, of course! Fear sells papers!

Fear also keeps people a little de-stabilized and malleable.

But one should realize this goes a little the other way as well. People who operate through such means have a certain understanding of them. In other words, they are afraid.

In reading 1984, the reader is quickly chilled by the awesome power of Big Brother to control so many people even down to their thoughts.

What is not stated so simply is that Big Brother is running scared. Why else does he need an army of thought police and spies inserted into all parts of society?

And this was Britain in the future. Britain, where guns are not as widespread as here, as Piers Morgan is so quick to point out.

Even without the widespread ownership of guns, the totalitarian rulers would still be dominated by fear.


Totalitarian regimes are held in place by a very small minority and those few strongarms they can bribe, cajole, or threaten well enough to carry out the wet-work necessary to keep them in power. And small minorities can quickly be tossed over by the majority.

Of course, it would take mobilizing the majority to some sort of action.

And humans are, fortunately, capable of withstanding only so much. At some point, things will break down and the majority will rise against anyone.

Do you think the French Revolution came about because a widespread coterie had been meeting clandestinely for years, planning and coordinating the uprising?

No. It happened spontaneously. People had simply taken all they could. When the tipping point was met, there was no turning back.

People who had been actually planning an overthrow of the government were swept away by the sudden violence that appeared out of nowhere.

You can understand why the “secret” society remains a secret.

You can understand why the conspiracy keeps itself in the darkened shadows.

They are living in constant fear.

Of us.