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Old Tales… Where There’s Smoke…

March 4, 2013


You may not be a believer in reincarnation. You may think this is the only shot we’ve got. In that case you can take this as some sort of psychotic embolism or whatever.

In 1969, I lived in Los Angeles, California, with my family. I was sixteen and was not a believer in reincarnation. I thought it might be a nice idea to think we keep going after… well, you know.

Anyway, the family had gone out to eat at a nice Cuban cuisine restaurant in the Rampart district about a block from the Police Station where the television show “Adam 12” took their exterior shots.

In was dark when we exited the restaurant and my older brother glanced up and said, “Look at that.”

I did not know what I was going to see but what a saw sent an icy rush down my back and a heavy, sinking feeling. Up in the dark sky was a bank of lights, some twenty rows high by what must have been a hundred across. Almost like the portholes in some giant spacecraft.

My first thought was: “Damn! They’re back so soon!!”

And then I stopped to wonder where the heck that thought had come from.

But before I could run down the street screaming like a complete lunatic, the lights turned off and flashed on again before dissolving into the word: “TESTING” as the craft turned toward the south and its silvery side reflected the lights from below, delimiting its many ribs and the large painted letters that spelled “GOODYEAR”.

Yes, it was just a blimp, not an invasion from outer space.

Still, the feeling that had struck me first got me to wondering who was I afraid was returning? And where did I get such a cockamamie idea?

Later, when I read some rather far-fetched accounts of ancient astronauts – yes, even in the Holy Bible – I began to wonder if I had some personal memory or even some racial memory of something of that sort having happened so long ago.

But why should I fear their return?

Enter “the smoking man” from the X-Files.

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

It was the same feeling I had experienced years ago in front of a Cuban restaurant in Los Angeles.


the Long Conspiracy

October 26, 2012

I have mentioned that the conspiracy has gone on a long time. How do I know this? Primarily because several tenets of the conspiracy are already in place at the very dawn of recorded history.

And what are these tenets of which I speak? First, the degradation of the female – the female has always been marginalized throughout history – second, the social formation where the person on top of the social body is the the ruler of the people rather than the servant of them – the earliest records already have kings ruling over the people – and third, state religions are already in place to control how people get in touch with their deity (or deities) – all priesthoods claimed to have been the go-between to the god(s).

It has often been said that the oldest profession was prostitution, but I think kingship and the priesthood probably go back as far, if not farther. Regardless, they are all three symptoms of the same societal problem that continues to the present, all part and parcel of the underpinnings of the great conspiracy.

Many people I have talked to over the years tell me that the conspirators are all essentially evil. That may seem logical to most people but I find it hard to believe that people – most people, anyway – could have a sane existence by doing what they knew was wrong, or evil.

I think Hitler was actually working toward something he considered good, not being evil for the sake of it. Sure, it was demented and had some very serious side-effects but he thought he was doing some good.

Just like the “smoking man” in the X-Files stories: he was doing what he thought was best for the human race. It did not look that way to the rest of us but the rationale worked for him.

So, what was this conspiracy all about?

The beginnings are so obscure as the be forgotten but some myths do come down to us from that time and they tell a whopper!

Apparently, some people visited here from outer space – yes, that crazy tale – and the alien was able to convince many people that he was god. And, yes, this guy loved to be bowed down to and worshiped!

Then one day, for whatever reason, the guy took off and claimed he would return. And with his departure came the threat of what would happen if the humans here were not still working in his best interests on his return.

So, his chief priesthood has been working to insure humans will still be subservient on the god’s return. Elsewise, the guy may just eradicate the species and start over again. Yes, the illuminati are trying to keep us from being wiped out by this crazy guy, if and when he returns.

Is the story far-fetched? You bet!

Too incredible to be believed? Absolutely!

But is there any other explanation?

I would certainly be open to discussing ideas from others.

Because the idea sounds too far-fetched even for me.