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What History Really Says

April 10, 2013

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This is not about what our history says about us but rather is a continuation of an earlier post “History: the Root of the Conspiracy” (on March 30th).

Therein I mentioned what our history says about us but what does the very subject of history itself say about us?

If we remember that the subject glorifies kings, rulers, and war, we have a pretty good idea what it is really all about. In it Man is lauded as being very important. All his wonderful creations, all his wonderful deeds, and his marvelous technological advancements.

Yes, rather than having to depend on anything so undependable as Nature, Man has become a force unto himself and can point out his remarkable train of successes as outlined in his story to show that he no longer needs the influence of Nature… or God.

Yes, history is the story of how Man has gotten better than God. All his creations are better, more dependable, longer lasting, and better suited to Man than anything the Creator has ever put together. Science – once the observance and study of nature – has now become nature’s largest detractor.

Now, Man has even created food that is larger, juicier and far more pleasurable to look at than the Creator ever managed and much easier to control in the production. (That we have had to sacrifice a thing so minor as taste… er, and healthful benefits… is beyond even footnoting.)

And that is basically what history is: the documented account of how we got better than God, and why we no longer need such a thing in our world. We are the new, modern God.

And we need only thank those who have led us through the centuries to this pinnacle of excellence: those kings and war heroes of the past, who have dragged Mankind to its feet rather than being hobbled under the yoke of some unfeeling Deity.

Yes, but we seem to still be wearing someone’s yoke.