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History: the Root of the Conspiracy

March 30, 2013

Most people – conspiracy theorists included – think the conspiracy only goes back a century, or maybe two, or perhaps as far back as the beginning of the first Masonic Temple. To consider it goes any further back is, to most, a seeming waste of time.

Unfortunately, that simply shows their dislike of studying history – a dull and dusty occupation at best – or not believing that anyone could be duped that long. The history of the Catholic Church and the resulting “Dark Ages” that fell across history as a result should wake anyone up to the reality of the extendable gullibility of the human root stock. (Why people can be duped will be handled in my next post “How Could This Happen?” so I will not get this topic get overly burdened.)

The real problem is not that parts of the history have been occluded over the centuries to hide anyone’s actions, it is the subject of history itself. And, no, I am not picking on the subject, it cannot help that it was designed to bolster the conspiracy.

Yes, it is no more than a tool.

The presupposition here is that the actions of kings and other rulers in the past really means anything; the wars that have been fought over the centuries mean more than anything else; treaties and the legal system are of importance on a global scale. These are the things that history teaches us.

Also of note is the overarching concept that Man is moving from primitivism toward enlightenment with each passing year. That all the things we surround ourselves with actually mean something.

Yes, that is what history tells us.

And it is all a lie.