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the New, Improved Bilderbergers

June 11, 2013


The Bilderbergers are gathering for their annual hullabaloo.

Yes, and though they now have a web-presence to keep the peons abreast of what they are talking about, and who exactly is attending, they still keep the media and the public FAR away from the meetings.

I guess when they want our opinion, they’ll rattle our chains, huh?

Of course, they claim to just be a bunch of influential people trying to get together and use that influence to make the world a better place for all of us.

If that was true – *cough* *cough* – then why don’t they open their meetings and let us listen in. I mean IF it was really to make the place better for ALL of us.

The only logical reason that should keep them from opening the meeting is that they are planning things to help them get richer and take away our power.

If they would like to throw the meetings open and prove me, Alex Jones, David Ickes, and a bunch of other “nut jobs”, wrong, then I’ll believe them.

Until then, they are not being included on my Christmas list.