a Little More About the Wains… Maybe


Like I have said, this is a society so secret that they don’t even know they exist.

So, how could they possibly survive?

Perhaps Anonymous, Swartz, Snowden and the like got their inspiration to do good deeds and thereby “became members” of the Wains without knowing it.

Someone, somewhere has instilled in this sort of people the need to do something powerful against the “dark forces of evil”.

Quite often, if viewed from the outside, they might appear to be doing wrong. Much like super-heroes are often viewed with horror by the public even while the guy is saving their butts.

This is shown in the Hell Boy stories and in the animated feature “The Incredibles”. Even Batman is thought by many of the denizens of Gotham to be a “bad guy” or else he should not need a mask.

And if this society is so secret, I doubt they have anything as quaint as a secret handshake, a password, a headquarters, mailing address, or unlisted phone number. No one keeps tabs on the members or a database of who they are because no one even knows.

The whole idea may sound too fantastic to believe but the oddest thing is that there are traces in history of such a group.

Just as there are traces of the “one-worlders”.


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