Demographic Disinformation


There was a bit of a flap caused a few years back when a professor at a Texas University advocated eliminating 95% of the population. He claimed we would have to do so in order that the rest of us could survive. It sounded a bit harsh.

First off, the resources of the planet are not stretched to the breaking point just yet. Everywhere I look I see untapped resources going to waste.

A friend of mine recently claimed that population zero growth is a reality because the population of the world is not going up. Where some places are booming, other places are actually shrinking. He said if it were not for the illegal immigrants pouring into our country, the population of the United States would actually be declining.

Funny, but I checked the world population ticker online ( and it is still growing. It may only be 0.4% but it is still 25 Million more people than were here since last Thanksgiving.

But getting back to the idea of de-populating planet Earth, I have seen a bunch of conspiracy websites claiming this is what the “one-worlders” are working toward.

Wait! These guys have worked for century to take over the world and enslave the billions of inhabitants only to reduce the number suddenly down to 300 Million? Whatever for? And where then would they find enough labor to do the menial tasks? You certainly don’t expect some paltry millionaire to weed a billionaire’s garden, do you?

That seems to make no sense whatsoever.

Whatever can this be all about, huh?


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